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Agiofarago is a small canyon (faraggi) south of Matala and west of the area Kalous Limenes in the prefecture of Heraklion. It received its name because of the fact that it was used by many hermits who lived there due to its isolation. According to legend, three hundred hermits lived there under conditions of complete isolation, even amongst themselves. They would meet only once a year at a cave named the ‘goumenospilo’, and after counting to see how many were there they would determine how many had passed away the previous year.

There are various ways to reach Agiofarago. You can arrive by boat from Kokkino Pirgo, Agia galini or Kalous Limenes. You can also drive up to the traditional village of Sivas, near Phaestos. From there you continue on to Moni Odigitrias.

Right outside the monastery you continue straight on (do not turn right) and follow the signs to Kalous Limenes. Shortly after Odigitria (approximately 15 minutes) you will come upon a crossroads to your right. You can either leave your car there and walk to the canyon further down south or drive a bit further. It takes approximately 50 minutes to walk through the canyon on a smooth path.